"Should I go to graduate school in philosophy? "

The original article is from Michael Huemer's(Philosophy Department • University of Colorado)personal web page:Should I go to graduate school in philosophy? (2008)

Though he was focus on the issues and environment in America, I feel that most of them are similar with the field in Taiwan. Every inspired PhD and MA students should read this before they made their own descions on professional philosophy.

This article has been translated in Tranditional Chinses and posted with the author's kindly permission.



原文出自於Michael Huemer(Philosophy Department • University of Colorado)教授的個人網頁文章:Should I go to graduate school in philosophy? (2008)


1. 為什麼你要寫這篇「問與答」文章?

2. 我要一個哲學學位做什麼?

3. 哲學教授們都在做什麼?

4. 我熱愛念哲學。我將來會是個好哲學家嗎?

5. 我可以在那裡找到工作?

6. 我以後會教些什麼科目?

7. 不過我真的很聰明,所以我會是少數幾個在精英學校裡頭的人,對吧?

8. 我可以透過天份和勤奮在這個專業中更上一層樓嗎?

9. 我可以透過我富有洞見的文章影響學術界嗎?

10. 我會在我的專業領域中存活下來嗎?

11. 我們怎們樣在哲學領域中求取進步?

12. 那到底有什麼鬼理由會讓我想要成為一個哲學家??