[Repost] The Drupal Learning Curve: a configurators view

Submitted by tky on Fri, 05/27/2011 - 22:17

At the begining of this yearJohan Falk'sNodeOne website, The Drupal Learning Curve: a configurators view, tried to categorize different stages in Drupal learning curve by the skills and abilities of configuration. I I commented the blog, asked if I can translate it into Chinese and got permission from the author. After that, I posted the Chinese but somewhat trimmed version of this article, 【截譯文章】Drupal學習曲線:一個設定師(configurators)的觀點on Drupal Taiwan and got some responses. Now on my own website, I did the translation again in totally detail way. You can see it on this article's Chinese version, Drupal學習曲線:一個設定師(configurators)的觀點.